SPICE NFP 77 Project

NRP 77 has to the goal of investigating the effects and opportunities of digital transformation in Switzerland, particularly for what concerns the topics of education and learning, ethics, trustworthiness in governance, economy and labor market. In this context, the "Scaling smart city Projects - from Individual pilots towards a Common strategy of industry Emergence" (SPICE) project aims at creating means of accelerating the scaling and actuation of human-centered smart city solutions in Switzerland. This can as a consequence enhance innovation, efficiency, social welfare and quality of urban life. The exploration of ways to include citizens' needs and opinions in different stages of the development and upscaling of smart city solutions is one of the central topics to be addressed by SPICE.

The project, led by Prof. Edy Portmann and started in March 2020, is being carried out in both an inter- and transdisciplinary way by the Human-IST Institute in collaboration with the University of St.Gallen and the University of Applied Sciences Zurich, as well as practice-partners such as Swiss Post, SBB, Swisscom, Hauptstadtregion Schweiz, Smart City Thun, and Smart Regio Basel.

Main contributors



Main applicant:

  • Edy Portmann

Other applicants:

  • Ann-Kristin Zobel
  • Oliver Gassman
  • Vicente Carabias-Hütter

Other employees:

  • Jörg Musiolik
  • Luis Teran
  • Maximilian Palmié
  • Anna Kohler
  • Moreno Colombo
  • Leticia Müller
  • Barbara Bencsik
  • Jonas Friedrich
  • Lukas Falcke

Working packages


  • A Human-Machine Collaboration Model For Urban Planning In Smart Cities. 2021. DOI: 10.1109/MC.2021.3050664

  • Framework for Involving Citizens in Human Smart City Projects Using Collaborative Events. Narek Andreasyan, Andres Felipe Dorado Dorado, Moreno Colombo, Luis Teran, Jhonny Pincay, Minh Tue Nguyen and Edy Portmann. Accepted at ICEDEG 2021 - Eighth International Conference on eDemocracy & eGovernment - Quito, Ecuador, July 2021.

  • Framework for involving citizens in human smart city projects using collaborative events. Narek Andreasyan and Andres Felipe Dorado Dorado, supervision by Moreno Colombo and Edy Portmann. Semester project for Human Smart Cities Seminar, 2020.

  • Framework involving citizens in Human Smart City Projects. Narek Andreasyan, supervision by Moreno Colombo, Luis Teran and Edy Portmann. Master thesis, ongoing.